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Therapeutic boarding schools in Hawaii

Researching Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Hawaii for Your Girl?

Providence Pass provides families of troubled young women with much-needed relief. Learn why Providence Pass in Florida is perfect for your teenage girl, though you are in Hawaii.

troubled teen thereapeutic boarding schoolProvidence Pass is a Christian therapeutic boarding school located in Central Florida. If your daughter is dealing with emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues, this school can help. Maybe you have an adopted girl who is troubled or your daughter is going through a loss of some sort. These are just the kinds of difficulties which often cause young girls’ lives to get off track. The difference at Providence Pass is the way that we use both therapy and Christian principles to address girls’ troubles both psychologically and spiritually. As we teach your daughter how to overcome the things she’s going through, we also go further, providing a spiritual experience to make sure that this change is long-lasting.

Teenagers nowadays are at risk for many behavioral disorders, but how do you know if your daughter is truly in need of professional help or just a common teenager going through typical angst?

therapeutic schoolIt can be difficult to separate normal teen behavior from actual behavioral disorders. Your daughter is at a crossroads in her life where she feels the need to assert her independence and is bound to make mistakes. For you as a parent, this time can be full of confusion and uncertainty. You may feel torn between being too hard on her and not wanting to let her drive her life into the ground. We know how uncertain this phase can be for both you and your daughter, but here are some warning signs that she needs help.

What you want to look for are dramatic, sudden changes and out-of-character behavior that is excessive even by teenage standards. Warning signs can include things like sudden shifts in friend circles, inconsistent sleeping or eating patterns, rebelliousness, or rapid and violent changes in mood. If these are present in your daughter, we know it’s a very worrisome experience for you as a parent. Rest assured that many parents throughout Hawaii have had similar experiences and found hope through Providence Pass.

Therapy forms the backbone of this spiritual program. Staff at Providence Pass is professional, understanding, and has the experience to deal with anything your daughter might be suffering from.

With our team of experts, Providence Pass cares for a limited number of students in our lakefront, home-like facility. Our multi-disciplinary staff is passionate about helping each girl start on a new, healthier path in life. Providence Pass’s clinical staff on and off campus includes psychiatric specialists, physicians, and licensed psychotherapists as well as teachers, mentors and residential care staff. From teenage depression to oppositional defiant disorder, our staff is readyand able to accompany your daughter with any issues she’s going through!

Many girls that attend Providence Pass have very personalized needs. For instance, if you are struggling with an adopted girl who is starting to act out, there are specific issues that we would look for. Our therapeutic staff are well equipped to treat girls experiencing radical attachment disorder (or RAD), which is a very common struggle for adopted girls. Your daughter might be abusing substances. A lot of therapeutic boarding schools in Hawaii are not equipped to help girls who are involved with teen substance abuse, but at Providence Pass, we have the training and the facilities to help your daughter with this too.

If your daughter is battling behavioral and emotional disorders, it has most likely taken a toll on her schoolwork. Don’t let that discourage you; even the most desperate academic cases can be fixed at Providence Pass.

When your daughter begins to struggle in high school, it can seem to be an insurmountable obstacle. You’ve probably tried working with counselors or seeking outside tutoring, but no matter what, your daughter just can’t seem to catch up! The facts are that most traditional high schools and even some therapeutic boarding schools in Hawaii just aren’t equipped to allow girls the chance to get back on track. As a result, once a girl is behind, she often stays that way and they become caught in a vicious cycle. We commonly hear from parents who are absolutely sure that their daughter has destroyed her future already, but believe us, this is not necessarily the case.

This isn’t how academics are done at Providence Pass. Here, we provide a fully accredited academic program provided by ABEKA Academy. Experienced professionals teach in a non-traditional style classroom, allowing each girl to learn and catch up at her own pace. The scheduling of our academic program is year-round and daily classroom schedules are flexible too. Our priority at Providence Pass is building an environment where your daughter feels at ease, can work at her own pace, and feel confident in her academics when she returns home.

Providence Pass is a nurturing and caring therapeutic boarding school for girls who are going through self-destructive behaviors and need professional help to develop or rekindle proper relational skills. If you’ve considered other therapeutic boarding schools in Hawaii, consider expanding your search and give us a call at (866) 738-2785.

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