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Residential Care Facility serving young women with an unequalled, life-changing program

I will give up whole nations to save your life, because you are precious to me and because I love you and give you honor. – Isaiah 43:4

Providence Pass is a Central Florida located faith-based residential program and year-round residential care facility. We serve young women between the ages of 12 and 17 who are struggling with emotional, psychological, behavioral, educational and relational issues. Girls who can benefit from Providence Pass have typically had trauma, abuse, an adoption, or other personal or relational loss in their life. This trauma has caused the girl’s life to spin out of control in her adolescent years. The disorders we work with include: conduct disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, attachment difficulties, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and mild substance abuse.

Girls come to our Florida-based program from throughout America. While this program is specifically Christian, clients are accepted regardless of religious beliefs or personal values.

Providence Pass provides a warm and supportive environment that includes private therapy offices, group therapy in a peaceful lakeside setting, indoor and outdoor interaction spaces, state of the art technology, and educational tools.

Providence Pass is a registered residential child-caring agency through the Florida Association of Christian Child-Caring Agencies under the provisions of Florida S.S. 409.176. Providence Pass employs and/or contracts with licensed counselors and/or therapists to provide needed services to children in residence. Providence Pass is NOT a therapeutic family foster home, addiction treatment center, therapeutic group home, or a residential treatment facility licensed or registered under the Department of Children and Families or the Agency for Health Care Administration.



Parents will consider our help at Providence Pass when they have already exhausted out-patient therapy and it has proven unsuccessful. Many of the girls who come to Providence Pass are also struggling academically, so we help them get caught up or retake classes to improve their GPA. Most of the girls who come to us are failing to develop and nurture healthy relationships, they are making poor choices, suffering from anxiety and depression or they are self-harming.

Girls ages 12-17 are enrolled in our residential program when parents or guardians feel that inpatient intervention and 24/7 care is necessary to prevent further damage to the girl’s life or future.

Providence Pass is a secure, structured, and loving environment. We offer a home-like setting where each girl receives intensive therapy in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the distractions, influences or conflicts back home that may be contributing to her problems.

Intentional Small Capacity – Providence Pass works with less than a dozen girls at a time, so that we are able to focus our therapy specifically on each client.



    The girls who come to Providence Pass have typically had trauma, abuse, an adoption, or other personal or relational loss in their life. This trauma has caused the girl’s life to spin out of control. The resulting disorders we work with include: conduct disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, attachment difficulties, depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and mild substance abuse.

    Insurance Coverage – Most private insurance companies will participate in the costs of this program. Verification of benefits is offered with no obligation (see the link below). This tool will help the parent or guardian determine the out of pocket expenses required to enroll their girl in this program.

    Transport – Not all girls who are in the trouble will want to leave their friends and influences back home. So, girls attending Providence Pass do not have to come willingly. Transport service is offered when necessary. Qualified and experienced staff are available to assist in the transport process. To prevent runaway risk, no interview of the girl is required before transport and placement.

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Develop skills for improving relationships
Reduce intensity, frequency and duration of anxiety and depression
Replace negative and destructive behavior patterns with positive new ones
Improve focus and communication/listening skills
Improve self-worth and boost self-confidence
Reduce need for medication long-term
Develop healthy nutrition and exercise habits
Develop positive character and internal values


The Providence Pass Experience

At Providence Pass, we know that it is essential to focus on the individual as a whole: mind, body, and spirit.

During our work, each individual will participate in nutrition classes while eating a healthy meal plan consisting of 60% live food, prepared by a professional chef. Limited sugar and processed foods are available. Yoga, meditation, and physical fitness are normal weekly routine.

Group sessions will involve discussions based on biblical principles and counselors are available to pray with the individuals. All group sessions and meals will begin with prayer.


A fully accredited academic program provided by ABEKA Academy with dual enrollment is required. Qualified professionals teach in a non-traditional style classroom. A year-round school calendar is followed while daily classroom schedules are flexible, not rigid, as it is imperative to create an environment centered on balance and creativity.

Daily Schedule

Daily routines will vary, involving various forms of therapy in various settings, for both group sessions and individual sessions.

Personal Care

Students will sleep in a bedroom shared by two other students with a private bath in each room. Tempur-Pedic® memory foam mattress, pillow and 100% natural cotton bedding sheets will allow the body to recover and regenerate each night and will provide quality sleep necessary to manage the intensive work from day to day.

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We can also help you in your search for other boarding schools, schools troubled teens, teenage boarding schools, Christian therapeutic boarding schools, schools with therapy or Christian schools. Providence Pass is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls offering teen counseling for girls with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), self-harm (self-mutilation) or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues we deal with include: depression, post traumatic stress and anxiety. If you have an out of control girl, please consider this school for troubled girls that offers teen counseling and teen counselors for troubled girls. We offer counseling for troubled teens and out of control teens. We especially work with RAD girls and troubled girls who are adopted. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. Among the best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”.