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The Providence Pass Experience

At Providence Pass, we  focus on the individual as a whole — Mind, Body and Spirit

residential care facilityNUTRITION AND PHYSICAL

During their time, each girl will participate in nutrition classes while eating a healthy meal plan consisting of 60% live food, prepared by a professional chef. Limited sugar and processed foods are available. Yoga, meditation and physical fitness are normal weekly routine.


In addition to individual therapy, regular group sessions will involve discussions of life issues in a combined setting.

A fully accredited academic program is provided through ABEKA Academy. Qualified professionals teach in a non-traditional style classroom, allowing each girl to learn and catch up at her own pace. A year-round school calendar is followed while daily classroom schedules are flexible, not rigid, as it is imperative to create an environment centered on balance and creativity.

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Daily routines will vary, involving various forms of therapy in various settings, for both group sessions and individual sessions.


Clients sleep in a bedroom shared by two other girls, with a private bath in each room. Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, pillow and 100% natural cotton bedding sheets allow the body to recover and regenerate each night and will provide quality sleep necessary to manage the intensive work from day to day.


Special activities include boating, wake boarding, tubing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming and sunning, beach trips, theme park outings, science museum field trips, zip-line adventure course, and camping trips.

preparatory boarding school for troubled girls

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